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If you're just getting started in the online course space or you haven't been making the progress in your business that you'd hoped to be making, it could be because you're focusing on the wrong things.

I get it, it's so confusing with so many people saying so many different things and telling you to focus on whatever their 'thing' is.

The problem is that you end up jumping from one expert to another, trying to figure out how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together, working super hard and having very little to show for it.

Not to mention it's EXHAUSTING!

I don't know about you, but there have been several times when I've wondered if I'm really cut out for this.

And yet, if you're like me, you know in your heart that you've got to make it work - somehow!

It's my hope that what I have to offer you today will answer the same question I've had...

"I wish someone could just tell me what to focus on right now so that I can make faster progress"

The 5 Stages of Your Online Business

You need to know where you are at on your journey, to know what to focus on!

Lack of an overall business strategy can keep you from making the progress you could be making.

The five stages below will help you gain clarity with where you are at in your business journey and that clarity will help you focus on the most important thing you need to accomplish next in your business before moving to the next thing.

Taking a step-by-step approach helps remove the overwhelm and enables you to keep moving forward with manageable activities that help you gain more momentum and achieve your goals much faster.

What Stage Are YOU In?

Three Secrets to Achieve Bigger & Faster Results

 Secret #1

How to have an overall business strategy without feeling overwhelmed

The big idea here is to break down the overall strategy into bite-size activities that can be knocked out in a short period of time.

This is important because we feel more motivated when the tasks seem easier to accomplish and, obviously, the more motivated we are, the more likely we'll make faster progress towards the overall goal.

 Secret #2

How to choose the best business strategy for
your goals

The main thing to understand here is that, while the various different strategies work, you should choose the one that most resonates with you - your personality and your topic.

This means you can build a business you enjoy rather than feeling you have to do things you hate, which is hardly motivating when things get challenging!

 Secret #3

How to implement your business strategy in just a few hours a week

The main thing to understand here is that making strategic progress on smaller activities that can be done in a few hours each week, will help you achieve your overarching strategy or goal faster.

This is key because we tend to underestimate how much we can accomplish in a year. It's quite possible that you could build out your entire business model and start scaling it within 12 months.

Hi, I'm Demelza Marie :)

As a mum of a pre-schooler and living with an underlying health condition that can mean I can't work some days, I've still been able to build out my business infrastructure in less than 12 months.

This includes 3 online courses, a membership, a live workshop and limited 1-1 coaching, plus multiple bonuses.

To accomplish this despite everything else going on in my life, I used the same approach I'm sharing in the Course Creator Studio, which is to know your overall business strategy and make progress, step by step, in the right direction by focusing on the right things based on your stage of the journey.

It wasn't always like this for me, though.  When I first got into the online space, I went about things all wrong and focused on strategies that didn't seem to work, as well as later-stage strategies when I should have been focused on building my foundation - all of which slowed me down.

So, I want to save you the years of struggle I had trying to figure out how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together and give you a road map with actionable steps to simplify and accelerate your journey to becoming the recognised expert in your space.

What's Included In The Course Creator Studio

Course Creator Studio will take you through the FIVE stages of the course creation business journey (Visionary, Entrepreneur, Course Creator, Biz Owner, Scaler).

You'll get a bi-weekly video lesson geared at a specific stage but, if you're not at that stage, I still try and make the lessons applicable where I can for wherever you're at in your journey.

Along with the video lessons, I also include additional assets to help you apply what you learn in the video lesson.  That may be PDFs, templates, cheat sheets, checklists, swipe files, additional tutorials, and anything else that will help you achieve results quicker and easier.

The Details...

Full Access to Lesson Archive

When you join, you'll be able to immediately access all the lessons already available in the membership.

Note: The lessons are currently focused on the 'Course Creator' stage, having already finished the core lessons in the earlier stages.

New Lessons Twice a Month

Every other Monday, a new lesson will be released so that you can keep moving forward in your business.

The lessons are short videos and have an audio only option as well if you prefer to just listen.

Activities to Help You Make Progress

Learning is important but taking action is what's actually going to get you results.

So, each lesson has some activities for you to follow up on to move forward so that it's not just 'in your head' but you're making
continual progress.

Additional Assets to Make Things Easier

Implementation can be hard when you're not sure where to start.

So, where I can, I include additional assets such as PDFs, checklists, templates, swipe files, tutorial videos, and more.

My goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to take action and move to the next step and ultimately to building out your online course business.

Monthly Coaching Call

This is an opportunity to get together Live with other members of the 'Studio Crew' and myself and get additional support.

During part of this Live session, which will be via Zoom, there will be some element of coaching or hot seats, and Q&A time, among other things.

This is likely to be the highlight of the month for your business.

Monthly Breakout/Support Sessions

Connecting with other people on the same journey as you is so valuable.  Trying to 'go it alone' is draining.

So, as part of the monthly coaching call, there will also be breakout sessions where you'll get to meet and interact with other course creators and support each other in your businesses.

This is great for getting feedback, brainstorming ideas, getting support, feeling encouraged, and more.

Grandfather Pricing

By joining now, you'll be locked in at the current price so,
when the price goes up, you won't be paying anything more.

Yay for savings!

Plus Some Extra Goodies :)

One of my values is to have fun and make life as enjoyable as possible so there will be additional bonuses and surprises sprinkled in the mix too - you'll have to join to find out more ;)

Plus! You'll Also Get These Additional Bonuses
When You Join Today!

Bonus #1
10 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Videos

Total Value: $97

This mini course is your key to understanding the basics of quality video, along with some more advanced techniques, so you can make videos that stand out and command the attention of your audience.

Get This For FREE When You Join
Course Creator Studio Today!

Bonus #2
Create a Best-Selling Course
Action Plan

Total Value: $47

This checklist summarises the most important steps you need to take to set your online course biz up for success as soon as possible so you can reap the financial and impact benefits.

Get This For FREE When You Join
Course Creator Studio Today!

Bonus #3
The Course Launch Calendar

Total Value: $47

This calendar template is your key to knowing how to launch your online course and knowing what to do at what point of the launch so that you achieve better results and more revenue.

Get This For FREE When You Join
Course Creator Studio Today!

Here is everything you get when you JOIN
  • Course Creator Studio
  • ​10 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Videos
  • Create A Best-Selling Course Action Plan
  • ​The Course Launch Calendar
  • Course Creator Studio ($97/month Value)
  • ​10 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Videos ($97 Value)
  • Create A Best-Selling Course Action Plan ($47 Value)
  • ​The Course Launch Calendar ($47 Value)

($97/m Value)

($97 Value)

($47 Value)

($47 Value)

Join today for JUST $37/month
(You can cancel any time)
62% monthly savings

What Other Crew Members Are Saying...

Who Was The Course Creator
Studio Designed For?
Course Creator Studio is an ideal fit for you if any of the following apply...
  • You are brand new to the Course Creation Journey and want a clear plan for moving forward.
  • You have started the Course Creation Journey and you're stuck, confused, overwhelmed, feeling like giving up - or anything along those lines.
  • ​You want to be a part of a supportive community of other Course Creators and take advantage of the opportunities to connect, brainstorm, receive and provide support.
Who Was Course Creator
Studio NOT Created For?
Course Creator Studio is NOT for you if...
  • You're not willing to put the work into your business.  You can't achieve success without being intentional and doing the work and, since that's what this membership is about, it would be best not to join.
  • ​You are someone who already 'knows it all' and you're unwilling to learn or you're focused on why something 'won't work'.  You must be open to what I'm sharing or it'll be a frustrating experience for both of us.  (Note: If you already have quite a bit of experience, that's great, as long as you're willing to use your experience to benefit and support others in their journey.)
  • ​You are focused on the negatives and prone to discourage others and 'stir up trouble'.  The community is to be a safe and positive place for course creators to share without fear of judgement and criticism.

Join the Community

Get instance access to a community of other like-minded course creators like yourself who will inspire and support you on your journey!


Create real and lasting connections with other
like-minded entrepreneurs in the group.


Form strategic partnerships and alliances with Joint Venture Partners and Affiliates.


Get other people's perspectives on your current projects to help clarify your direction.


Feel supported even when you're struggling or have a
'bad day'
Once you join the PRIVATE Facebook Group, you'll have access to a number of other people at different stages of the course creation journey who can provide valuable input into your business.  You'll build lasting relationships with other course creators who understand the particular highs and lows of building a course business, get clarity on your biggest questions, and have a constant supply of inspiration and ideas.

Feel stuck, confused, overwhelmed?  Need help or advice?  You're not on your own when you're in this community!

Ready to Join Course Creator Studio?

Course creator studio
Billed Monthly
  • Full Access to Lesson Archive
  • New Lessons Bi-Weekly
  • Activities to Help You Make Progress
  • PDFs, Templates, and More to Help Make Things Easier
  • Monthly Q&A Coaching Call
  • Monthly Breakout/Support Sessions
  • Studio FB Community
  • 10 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Videos Bonus
  • Create a Best-Selling Course Action Plan Bonus
  • The Course Launch Calendar Bonus
Course creator studio
Billed Annually
  • Full Access to Lesson Archive
  • New Lessons Bi-Weekly
  • Activities to Help You Make Progress
  • PDFs, Templates, and More to Help Make Things Easier
  • Monthly Q&A Coaching Call
  • Monthly Breakout/Support Sessions
  • Studio FB Community
  • 10 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Videos Bonus
  • Create a Best-Selling Course Action Plan Bonus
  • The Course Launch Calendar Bonus
  • Two Months FREE

What is it Worth to You and Your Business to Join?

Let's talk about the value of this membership and what it will be worth to you.

What is it worth to you and your business?

What is it worth to have a whole business strategy and easy to follow, step-by-step program that will help you achieve results faster
with less overwhelm?

And all for a tiny fraction of what your course business could be bringing in long-term.

What is it worth to your students?

What is it worth to be able to get your course done and available to your students and making a difference in their lives?

And to set up your business machine to attract more people into your world so that you can have more impact?

What is it worth to your legacy?

What is it worth to build a successful online course business that supports you, your family, and the impact that you want to have in this world?

You do have other options...

  • You could just go it alone and try and figure it all out by yourself (and probably take much longer to get where you want to go while experiencing frustration, disappointment, stress, and... need I go on?)
  • You could pay for a high-ticket course that will give you the same kind of thing from someone much more well known. If you have several thousand dollars in your pocket right now, I’d encourage you to go for it!
  • You could even pay for a mentor to help you one-on-one but here you’d be looking at several thousand to get the kind of mentoring that will take you through the whole process of creating your course business to the point of scaling to 6 or 7 figures.
  • ​Or you could do nothing at all and stay stuck where you're at right now and not making any progress - depriving you of the revenue you desire and your potential students of the transformation you could provide for them.

Or you could just join Course Creator Studio :)

Join Now For Only $37 Per Month

or $370 annually (Two Months Free)
Get in before the price is raised again!

Fair Warning!

The Course Creator Studio Registration Period
Closes July 23rd, 11:59 PST

There is a specific reason the registration period for Course Creator Studio is only available for a short period of time.

I like spending more of my time serving my audience vs promoting to my audience.

So like a college or university, enrolment is only open for a short period of time.  Then I'll be shifting gears to focus my energy on teaching, supporting, and helping you with your course creation business.

That's why it's important you know that the registration period ends at 11:59pm PST on July 23rd.  You must register before this time as there will be no exceptions and no reopens.

And remember, the price goes up the next time the doors DO open up.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this program different from other courses I’ve tried?

This is a step-by-step program that takes you through the key aspects of building your course business as a WHOLE, focusing on the primary things you need to do in order to see results faster.

It’s extremely practical and, to make the most of it, you will want to do the activities that are recommended so that you keep moving forward.

This is not a ’sit back and learn’ course. This is a ’take action and make progress’ place of support.

I focus on sharing what I believe are the primary things you need to take action on in order to make progress - so that you’re NOT overwhelmed by a lot of STUFF to do.

You can work through the lessons at your own pace without needing to feel ‘behind’ - this is YOUR journey.  Each time the membership opens, there will be people joining at different stages and focusing on different lessons that apply specifically to them. So focus on what’s most appropriate for you at your stage of the journey and get the support you need.
If I haven’t really started yet and just thinking about this whole online course biz, is this a good fit for me?

Yes! This is perfect for you because you’ll be able to set things up and make progress without wasting time going down rabbit trails and chasing ’shiny objects’. The focus you’ll have just working through these lessons will help you make fast progress and see your idea come about far quicker than trying to piece everything together yourself.
I’ve already created an online course and things are ’ticking along’, is there any point in me joining?

Honest answer is that it depends what you’re looking for RIGHT NOW.

While I will be producing lessons on how to scale, that’s not my immediate focus because I want to lay the groundwork for those who are newer to the course creation process first and, right now, we're working through the 'Course Creator' stage.

So, while there may not be as much in the way of lessons geared to your stage YET, you’ll still have access to the community where you’ll have networking opportunities as well as the support and friendships, the coaching calls, Q&A's, breakout sessions, expert interviews, etc. that you can take advantage of.

You could also offer your support and more advanced experience to those in the group who are newer. And, if you join now, you’ll only pay the $35/month even when the price is raised in the future (for as long as you remain a member).
This sounds overwhelming. How much time will this require from me to fully take advantage of it?

Course Creator Studio is designed to be the antidote to overwhelm. It’s a step-by-step system designed to give you focus and clarity on your vision as well as enable you to accomplish your goals quicker as a result.

This is a self-paced program where you drop in at the lesson most appropriate for you and implement as you’re able to. So, if you have a busy period in your life and need to take a bit of time out, get sick, or just need to take a vacation, you won’t be falling behind. This is YOUR journey. The program just gives you the roadmap and overall business strategy for you to follow at your own pace.

The video lessons are typically between 5 and 10 minutes. On top of that, some lessons may have tutorials on how to implement what was in the lesson, as well as PDFs, templates, or anything else to make it easier for you to accomplish the activities.

Also, you have access to all the lessons for as long as you’re a paying member so there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. Hopefully, the overwhelm will disappear as you gain focus and make progress.  You can always contact me if you do find that you feel overwhelmed.
When do I get access to the additional bonuses?
Immediately!  As soon as you gain access to your membership dashboard, you'll see the bonuses available to you.
How long do I have access to the content?
For as long as you're a member in good standing.  If you decide to cancel your membership, or your payment defaults and you fail to update your billing information, then you will lose access to everything inside the membership.
What kind of support will I get as I go through the lessons?

I will be in the Facebook group regularly to support and answer questions where I can.
I will also host a Live Q&A section as part of the monthly calls.
You will also have access to the support email for any tech issues (such as login, billing, etc.)

Asking your questions in the community means you can get answers from other students who are building and growing their own businesses too.
And you’ll have the breakout sessions during the monthly calls where you can get direct support, feedback, and different perspectives on where you may be stuck.
What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Due to the low cost and all the bonuses and content that you’ll get immediate access to when you join, I don’t offer refunds for months in which you have access to the membership.

However, if you decide that this is not for you, then you can cancel at any time during the month and you won’t be billed for the following month. You will continue to have access to the membership content and community until your next payment would have been due.

If you decide to join the membership again at a later date, then you would be joining at whatever the current rate is at that time. So be aware that this is the lowest price you’ll get access to the content and all the extra support since the price will be raised the next time the doors open.
Why is the cost so low?
This is a new membership and I want to reward the people who join now by a lower membership price.

I also want to ensure this membership is accessible to as many people as possible so that no one feels like they can't make faster progress in their business due to lack of funds.
Can I leave and then return at a later time?
Sure!  But be aware that when you choose to return, you'll have to wait until the doors open again and you'll be paying whatever the current rate of the membership is at that time.  You will no longer be eligible to continue on the current payment terms.

Ready to Join Course Creator Studio?

Course creator studio
Billed Monthly
  • Full Access to Lesson Archive
  • New Lessons Bi-Weekly
  • Activities to Help You Make Progress
  • PDFs, Templates, and More to Help Make Things Easier
  • Monthly Q&A Coaching Call
  • Monthly Breakout/Support Sessions
  • Studio FB Community
  • 10 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Videos Bonus
  • Create a Best-Selling Course Action Plan Bonus
  • The Course Launch Calendar Bonus
Course creator studio
Billed Annually
  • Full Access to Lesson Archive
  • New Lessons Bi-Weekly
  • Activities to Help You Make Progress
  • PDFs, Templates, and More to Help Make Things Easier
  • Monthly Q&A Coaching Call
  • Monthly Breakout/Support Sessions
  • Studio FB Community
  • 10 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Videos Bonus
  • Create a Best-Selling Course Action Plan Bonus
  • The Course Launch Calendar Bonus
  • Two Months FREE


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