Want to Produce Better Quality Videos Without a Big Expense or Dealing with Tech Overwhelm?

Boost Your Credibility and Brand Presence
with Better Quality Videos

Producing quality, professional-looking videos is a
powerful way to go from the
unheard course creator to being the established expert
and ultimately achieve your full online education business potential.
...And it doesn't need to be hard!

Video has become the most popular way to consume content and is essential for an online business to make its mark on the world.

However, producing professional-looking videos when you don't know what the heck you're doing is hard and time-consuming.

I understand!

You didn't learn video production when you did your education. You didn't need it for your previous work. The only times you've used it is taking individual family video 'snapshots' on your phone to capture special memories - no editing required.

But now that you're starting your own online education business, it's different.

Now you need to create free content, go Live, share behind the scenes, host Zoom calls, do launches, record sales videos, not to mention actually produce your course or membership content!
It can feel overwhelming, right?

Just understanding the basics and finding time to prepare, produce, and edit each video can almost make you want to not even start!

But you understand the benefit to your business, to your audience, to your students....

And that's why you're here.

And it's why I'm here - because I want to make your life easier! To free up more of your time while at the same time producing more professional-looking videos that back up your credibility and gives your brand a boost in the marketplace.

That's why I created the Teach with Video Suite for you.

This suite of FOUR courses will provide you with everything you need to get up and running with your videos.

You'll know how to improve your camera presence so that you know you're coming across as well as you can and increasing your confidence more rapidly by doing so, which makes it a better experience for you as well as your audience.

You'll also find out what equipment you need, how to use it, make sure you and your background is looking good as well as edit everything together into a final video to put out to your audience.
Here's what you'll find inside...
Here's a sneak peak at some of what you'll discover inside of the Teach with Video Suite:

Confidence on Camera

We look at mindset shifts, how you look, what to wear, what to do with your hands, how to make sure you look and sound good, know what to say, how to approach Live situations as well as pre-recorded videos, as well as providing you with implementation activities to help you achieve results quickly, plus a lot more...


You'll know what equipment to get based on your budget, how to prep your content for video, how to effectively design your background 'set', how to set yourself up to save time when it comes to actually filming your content and more...


You'll learn how to use the equipment you chose (based on the Pre-Production course) to get the best sound recording, the nicest lighting (which is one of the biggest factors to getting a good image), as well as the most flattering camera angles of you and your subject, plus a bunch more.


You'll get to watch a 'directors cut' version of me editing a video in less than 30 minutes where I explain what I'm doing and why.  Then you'll get bite-sized tutorials to help you walk through the process of editing your own videos.
And I teach this using a free software so you can follow along without additional software costs!

You get all FOUR of these courses in the Teach with Video Suite!

Who is Demelza?

Having trained in film & video production, won video competitions, and travelled extensively producing videos for missionaries as well as promo videos for small businesses, I have quite a bit of experience when it comes to producing videos.

Not only that, but I now produce videos for my own business - YouTube content, Lives, Zoom calls, Promos, Course content and all the same things you need to do.

So I know first-hand what's involved and how to simplify and speed up the process so that it doesn't take up all my time.  Even though video is 'my thing', I don't want it to be taking up 'all my time' either!
So I'll be sharing with you all the tips and strategies that I use, not only to make your videos look better but to make it as quick and easy for you to produce them so you can focus on other areas that are of importance.

Because, I don't know about you, but I have a little boy to play with (and soon to homeschool)!  I also have other interests like reading, art, music, and travelling to enjoy!  And I want to invest more time into ministries that I care about.

What about you?

How would knowing how to produce quality videos more quickly not only free up your time producing them but also provide your brand with that professional-looking 'boost' to your business profits, enabling you to have more time (and income) overall?

Instead of being nervous to get on camera, you'll confidently turn on that record button and start talking to the camera like you would a friend over coffee.

Instead of not knowing what equipment to get, where to start, and your videos looking amateur, you'll know exactly how to get a professional-looking recording every time (even on a budget!).

Instead of dreading the editing process and the amount of time it takes, you'll be able to edit your videos quickly and easily and, ultimately, put out videos you're proud of.

So are you ready to learn the essential business skill of
video production?

Alongside immediate access to the Teach with Video Suite, which you can watch in your own time and at your own pace, you can also...

Get Access to Extra Bonuses to Help You
With Your Biz Strategy...

Bonus #1
Hooks & Headlines Resource Sheet

Total Value: $97

First off, I'm including the Hooks & Headlines Resource Sheet because, if you're going to be producing video content, you need to think about the titles or headlines that will grab your audience's attention so that they actually click on, and consume, your content.  The great thing about this resource is that you can use it in any other context where hooks and headlines are needed as well - such as email subject lines, titles of your free offers, and much more.

Get this for FREE with the
Teach with Video Suite

Bonus #2
Repurposing Flowchart

Total Value: $47

I'm also going to include the Repurposing Flowchart because, if you're like me, you want to work smarter, not harder, right?!  So the repurposing flowchart will help you see how one video can be repurposed into various different formats that will help increase your exposure to your ideal audience and attract more of your ideal clients into your program.

Get this for FREE with the
Teach with Video Suite

Bonus #3
Blueprint to Producing Quality Videos

Total Value: $47

This blueprint will give you the breakdown of the different areas of video production you need to focus on in order to produce high quality videos for your online course.  The added checklist is an additional helpful bonus to make sure you have everything in place so that your video quality will back up the credibility of your course content.

Get this for FREE with the
Teach with Video Suite

Bonus #4
27 Practical Hacks to Produce Videos Quicker

Total Value: $47

These hacks will be a game changer to getting your videos produced quicker so you have more time to focus on other areas of your biz or life.  Want more time with your family?  Here's how...

Get this for FREE with the
Teach with Video Suite

Bonus #5
Your Ultimate Video Equipment Guide

Total Value: $47

This guide will save you hours of research wondering what equipment you need to get.  Addressing all budgets, you can set yourself up for success by getting the video equipment that best suits your needs.

Get this for FREE with the
Teach with Video Suite

Bonus #6
Ultimate Guide to Editing Your Videos Faster

Total Value: $47

This guide is your key to editing videos like a pro so you can get your videos finished faster and free up your time for other important things in your life or biz.

Get this for FREE with the
Teach with Video Suite

Bonus #7
Get Rockstar Stories & Testimonials that Convert

Total Value: $47

This essential guide is your key to getting customer testimonials and stories that will help you sell your course much easier and without feeling, or coming across, as salesy so you can enjoy the selling process more and see higher conversions.

Get this for FREE with the
Teach with Video Suite

Bonus #8
Course Launch Calendar

Total Value: $47

This calendar template is your key to knowing how to launch your online course and knowing what to do at what point of the launch so that you achieve better results and more revenue.

Get this for FREE with the
Teach with Video Suite

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Buy The
Teach with Video Suite

  • Teach with Video Suite (4 Courses)
  • Hooks & Headlines Resource Sheet
  • Repurposing Flowchart
  • ​Blueprint to Producing Quality Videos
  • ​27 Practical Hacks to Produce Videos Quicker
  • ​Your Ultimate Video Equipment Guide
  • ​Ultimate Guide to Editing Your Videos Faster
  • ​Get Rockstar Stories & Testimonials that Convert
  • ​Course Launch Calendar
  • Teach with Video Suite - 4 Courses ($1,038 Value)
  • Hooks & Headlines Resource Sheet ($97 Value)
  • Repurposing Flowchart ($47 Value)
  • ​​Blueprint to Producing Quality Videos ($47 Value)
  • ​​27 Practical Hacks to Produce Videos Quicker ($47 Value)
  • Your Ultimate Video Equipment Guide ($47 Value)
  • Ultimate Guide to Editing Your Videos Faster ($47 Value)
  • Get Rockstar Stories & Testimonials that Convert ($47 Value)
  • Course Launch Calendar ($47 Value)

($1038 Value)

($97 Value)

($47 Value)

($47 Value)

($47 Value)

($47 Value)

($47 Value)

($47 Value)

($47 Value)

Total Value: $1,464

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Remember, the sooner you start implementing the strategies to improving your video quality, the sooner...

Your videos are going to look more professional

You're going to boost your credibility in the eyes of your audience

You're going to save yourself so much time producing and editing your content

You're going to have more time for other important areas of your life and biz

You're going to be able to serve your audience more effectively

You have the potential to have a far bigger impact

So are you ready to free up more time and
produce videos that look great without it being a big tech headache?

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
Take advantage of all the content, implement what you learn and, if you feel like it wasn't worth $747,
I'll send you all your money back.

All you need to do is email me your receipt with the title 'It wasn't worth it' and I'll give you back your money
with no questions asked.

Sound more than fair?
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