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Create a Video... in a Weekend!

(With Personalised Support From A Video Pro)

If you're struggling to get your videos done, or to look as good as you'd like, join Demelza for the Create a Video Workshop where she'll provide personalised support & training to get at least one video done over the weekend, as well as giving you the model to carry on yourself.
Get in before the price is raised


Have the following thoughts ever run through your mind?...

- I wish someone could just help me produce a professional-looking video - the tech is so complicated! 

- I don't really know where to start when it comes to producing my online course with video so, although I hate to admit it, I'm procrastinating.

- I just want help figuring out this video stuff so that it's not sucking up all my time!

If any of those resonate with you, then I want you to think about the difference it would make for you to get a video done for your course or part of your content strategy with the help of personalised training and feedback from a video professional.

Would it be easier to move forward if you had someone to actually help you get it done?

If your answer is 'Yes', then this Create a Video Workshop will give you the momentum you need to get your course or content videos DONE and looking good without letting the video tech get in your way.

Three Secrets to Producing Quality Videos Faster & Easier

 Secret #1

How Remote Video Support Can Beat In-Person Support

When it comes to video, your audience and students are watching you on their screen - they're not with you in-person.

This is important because, when it comes to helping you produce quality videos, Demelza will see you on screen just as your audience will.  Therefore, the advice and tips she gives will be based from the same standpoint of seeing your videos as your audience.

 Secret #2

How Non-Techies Can Crush It With Video

The main thing to understand here is that quality videos rely primarily on 3 basic things - good lighting, audio, and camera angles/composition.

Demelza can work with you to make those 3 things very simple and, where you may struggle, you'll have her support to help you get things working well.

 Secret #3

How You Can Save Yourself Time Producing Your Videos

The main thing to understand here is that learning tips & strategies to speed up the process of producing quality videos is going to save you time producing videos on an ongoing basis.

This is key because, while the upfront investment of a weekend can feel overwhelming or unrealistic, what you'll learn will save you hours of frustration in the long-term.

Hi, I'm Demelza Marie :)

Let me tell you a bit about my background in video so that you know you're in good hands when it comes to getting video support.

✔️ As a teen, I won a couple of European competitions for video and one of those videos won at the International competition that I qualified for.

✔️ I got my 4yr bachelors degree in Film & Video Production with a minor in Photography.

✔️ I worked as a video missionary for 7 years after graduation, which included travelling all over Europe producing videos.

✔️ I did various freelance videos from dance and fitness promos to hotel promos.

✔️ I taught photography workshops to the missionaries.

✔️ I taught video workshops in the film department of a university.

✔️ One of my original coaching clients went onto work in TV as a result of what she learned.

✔️ I have produced multiple videos on my own YouTube channel.

✔️ I have produced my own courses.
Since joining the 'online space' with my own online courses, I've developed a passion to help other course creators, like you, produce better quality videos so that you can go from the unheard course creator to the established expert in your space.

I want you to be able to stand out among your peers, feel ok charging higher prices, and generally feel more confident about the quality of what you're providing your audience and students.

What's Included in the Create a Video Workshop

The workshop will be 6hrs of training & support broken down into three 2hr sessions.  Two sessions will be on Saturday and one on Sunday.  The rest of the weekend will be opportunity to implement what was covered in the workshop sessions....

The goal is to get at least ONE VIDEO DONE!

Setting aside a weekend to get a video done will help boost your momentum towards creating regular video content and releasing your course to your students, making an impact in their lives, and starting to generate additional revenue for you.

You can't afford to wait!

The Details...

Session One: Saturday 10-12 noon EST

In our first session together, we'll be getting ready to record your videos.  In order to get quality recordings, it's important to do some pre-production work first.

For the first section, we'll look at the approach you might want to take for recording your videos as well as the equipment you need.

Then we'll turn your lesson plan (or other content) into a script/outline that you can use to refer to when recording.

We'll wrap this session up by planning your 'set' - whatever is going to be in the background of your videos.
During the break between sessions one and two, you will have three hours.  During this time...

You can finish your script/outline for the video you'll record later

Prepare your background 'set' ready for recording

Get your equipment ready for setting up in the next session

Session Two: Saturday 3-5pm EST

In our afternoon session, we're going to start recording the videos.  But before we do that, we need to make sure the equipment is set up properly to get a quality recording.

For the first section, we'll make sure your composition in the camera is looking good.

Then we'll make sure that the lighting looks good on you.

We'll set up the mic and your environment for getting good quality sound recordings.

And we'll cover some basics on how to come across well on camera.

We'll set everything up during this session so that, as soon as we're done, you can go ahead and record.

If there's time, there may be the opportunity to practice a 'take' so that you can get feedback on how everything is coming across.
During the break between sessions two and three, you will
have 24hrs. During this time...

You can record one video or get as many done as you like!

Session Three: Sunday 3-5pm EST

This is where we take everything you recorded after our last session and turn it into the finished product.

So we'll quickly look at importing and organising your files.  You can do this ahead of time if you like.

Then we'll spend a good amount of time editing your first video together as a group where you'll follow along and do what I'm doing as I'm showing you.

Once you've edited your first video, we'll export it and you'll have your first video DONE!

This first video will then act as a template for recording and editing the remainder of your videos.

By the End of This Workshop, You Should...

Have one video finished.

Know how to outline the rest of your course, or other content, in the context of producing a video.

Be able to quickly record any videos you didn't get finished because you already have your set designed and equipment set up.

(Or you know exactly what to do when it comes time to set things up for your next filming session, which I'd recommend be sooner rather than later to reinforce what you've learned)

Be able to edit the rest of your videos based on the same guidelines and template that we walked through & set up for your first video.

Feel much more confident in the video process and your setup so that you can record and edit more videos without procrastinating due to not knowing what to do or because it feels hard.

The Practicalities

This will be a virtual workshop in that it will be done via Zoom.

The workshop will be limited to 10 people to allow for me to help you with your specific project.

Because there will be other people doing this with you, you will benefit from different perspectives and ideas.

The sessions are 2hrs each with a 5 minute break at the top of the hour.  There's a lot to cover in those sessions so we'll keep it moving along as much as possible.

You'll get to ask questions and get feedback on your project throughout the workshop.

Total Value = $1,985

Plus! You'll Also Get These Additional Bonuses!

Bonus #1
Confidence on Camera Challenge

Total Value: $147

This 4-week online challenge is your key to improving your confidence and camera presence so you can record your lessons, lives, content, and marketing videos with more ease and create better connection with your audience and students for a bigger impact.

Get This For FREE When You Join the Weekend Workshop Today!

Bonus #2
10 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Videos

Total Value: $97

This mini course is your key to understanding the basics of quality video, along with some more advanced techniques, so you can make videos that stand out and command the attention of your audience.

Get This For FREE When You Join the Weekend Workshop Today!

Bonus #3
27 Practical Hacks to Produce
Videos Quicker

Total Value: $47

This guide will help you cut down on the amount of time it takes for you to produce your videos so that you can free up your time for other areas of your business or life.

Get This For FREE When You Join the Weekend Workshop Today!

Bonus #4
Ultimate Guide to Editing Your Videos Faster

Total Value: $47

Editing can feel overwhelming when you don't know where to start. So here are some strategies you can use to edit your videos faster and get professional-looking results so that you can get your course finished and making the kind of impact and revenue it should.

Get This For FREE When You Join the Weekend Workshop Today!

Here is everything you get when you purchase today
  • Create a Video Weekend Workshop
  • ​Confidence on Camera Challenge
  • ​10 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Videos
  • ​27 Practical Hacks to Produce Videos Quicker Guide
  • Ultimate Guide to Editing Your Videos Faster
  • Create a Video Weekend Workshop ($1,985 Value)
  • Confidence on Camera Challenge ($147 value)
  • ​10 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Videos ($97)
  • ​27 Practical Hacks to Produce Videos Quicker Guide ($47 Value)
  • Ultimate Guide to Editing Your Videos Faster ($47 Value)

$1,985 Value

$147 Value

$97 Value

$47 Value

$47 Value

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Who was the Create a Video Workshop
Created For?
The Create a Video Workshop is an ideal fit for you if any of the following apply...
  •  You haven't really recorded any videos, don't know where to get started, and would love support and help with the tech.
  • ​You have recorded videos already but you'd like to improve the quality and simplify the process so it doesn't take so much time.
  • You have created a course (beta or actual) and now you want to level-up on the production quality and would like the shortcut and support getting that done.
  • ​You are able to set aside the time to show up Live to the workshop sessions and you're willing to do the work. It will be a full weekend but you should learn and accomplish a LOT, which will save you time and frustration creating future videos.
Who was the Create a Video Workshop
NOT Created For?
The Create a Video Workshop is NOT for you if...
  • You don't have a piece of content ready to record. It can be anything - but you need something to work with when the workshop starts.
  • ​You can't show up for the coaching sessions or set aside the time to get a video done
  • ​​You are someone who already 'knows it all' and you're unwilling to learn or you're focused on the negatives and why something 'won't work'.  You must be open to what I'm sharing or it'll be a frustrating experience for both of us.

What is it Worth to You and Your Business to do this Workshop?

Let's talk about the value of this workshop and what it will be worth to you.

What is it worth to you and your business?

What is it worth to produce quality videos that back up your credibility and boost your brand?  Whether it's for your free content or your online course, well-produced videos can improve your professionalism, set you apart from your competitors, and maybe enable you to charge more due to the higher perceived value.

What is it worth to your students?

What is it worth to be able to get your quality course and content done and available to your students and making a difference in their lives?

What is it worth to your legacy?

What is it worth to build a successful online course business that supports you, your family, and the impact that you want to have in this world?

You do have other options...

  • You could just go it alone and try and figure it all out by yourself (and probably experience frustration & stress), and still end up with less professional-looking content or courses because you don't know what you don't know!
  • You could pay for a course that teaches you all of this in more depth (I have one!), but the disadvantage to that is not having the urgency of actually getting it done over the workshop weekend or having the personalised feedback on your particular project.  (You may like my Teach with Video course as an addition to this workshop to refer back to and go deeper in some areas)
  • You could pay for a coach to help you one-on-one (something else I offer and could be good if the weekend workshop format doesn't work for you for some reason).  However, to cover the same kind of content 1-1 with a lot more personalised input would cost more!  This is a great way to go if you can afford it, though.
  • ​Or you could do nothing at all and stay stuck where you're at right now and not making any progress - depriving you of the professionalism and revenue you desire and your students of the transformation you could provide for them.

Or You Could Just Sign Up to This Create a Video Workshop :)

Only 10 Spaces Available on a First-Come, First-Serve Basis

Weekend workshop
Billed Once
  • 6hrs of group coaching over 2 days
  • Session 1 - Prepare to Record
  • Session 2 - Record
  • Session 3 - Edit
  • Step by step personal guidance & feedback from me on producing YOUR videos
  • Get your questions answered
  • Complete at least one video
  • Workshop Value: $1,985
  • Bonus: FREE access to the Confidence on Camera Challenge
  • Bonus: 10 Ways to Instantly Improve Your videos
  • Bonus: 27 Practical Hacks to Produce Videos Quicker
  • Bonus: Ultimate Guide to Editing Your Videos Faster
  • Bonus Value: $338
  • Total Value of Package: $2,323

Fair Warning!

There are also only 10 spaces available to allow for the personalised feedback.

So it's a first-come, first-serve basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this program different from other courses I’ve tried?

This is a practical workshop that mixes training, support, and taking action.

This is not a 'sit back and learn' program but one where you will work on your own project and get it done, all the while getting feedback, ideas, inspiration, and tips from myself and the others in the group.

By the end of the workshop, you will have something to show for it already - at least one video lesson of your course (or other content video) finished!  And it'll be easy to do the rest because you can use that first video as a kind of template for getting the rest done.
I'm not quite ready to record my course BUT I would love to do this so I know what to do when I AM ready.  Can I join?

You can use what you learn for your free video content (including your Lives & Zoom calls) as well as your paid content.  Even if you're not quite ready to put out video content yet or produce your course, you can use this workshop to shortcut the learning process for when you ARE ready.  However, you will need to know what the content will be that you plan to record so we can use that to go through the process.  It can just be a 'dummy' lesson if needed.
I’ve already created an online course and things are ’ticking along’, is there any point in me joining?

If you have a course created (beta or actual) that you want to update with more professional-looking video lessons, then YES.  Ultimately, this workshop will help you produce better-quality video lessons and free content. Since you've already done it once, you could potentially get more videos accomplished in this weekend by being super focused.
I'm in a time zone where this is not feasible for me but I really want to take part!
The timings I've chosen are based on trying to accommodate the majority of my audience.  However, if you live on the 'other side of the world' and want to do this, let me know.  If there's enough demand, I may be able to host a workshop that accommodates your timing better.  But I'll only be doing that if there's enough demand for it - so speak up :). The other option is to do a 1-1 or get the Teach with Video course.
I can't do the weekend that this workshop is being run but I really want to do it.  What can I do?
I realise that you may already have other commitments that you can't work around on certain weekends.  So I suggest signing up to the waitlist to be the first to be notified when the next workshop runs.  If this proves to be popular enough to continue offering, I will be raising the price after the first workshop since this is basically a 'beta price'.  So I encourage you not to wait if you want to do it.
This seems super cheap for all that's included.  What's the catch?
Yes it is!  And it won't continue to be this cheap.  However, this is the first time I'm offering it so it's basically a beta version.  This gives me the opportunity to dial in the timing of teaching the content, get your feedback, and gives you a great deal ;)
What is your cancellation/refund policy?

You can get a full refund up until the Friday before the workshop because I then have time to potentially offer your space to someone else.

From Friday, you can get a refund for 80% if you do not attend the workshop.  20% will be kept back due to your space not being able to be filled by another person as a result of the late notice.

Ready to Join the Create a Video Workshop?

Only 10 Spaces Available on a First-Come, First-Serve Basis

Weekend workshop
Billed Once
  • 6hrs of group coaching over 2 days
  • Session 1 - Prepare to Record
  • Session 2 - Record
  • Session 3 - Edit
  • Step by step personal guidance & feedback from me on producing YOUR videos
  • Get your questions answered
  • Complete at least one video
  • Workshop Value: $1,985
  • Bonus: FREE access to the Confidence on Camera Challenge
  • Bonus: 10 Ways to Instantly Improve Your videos
  • Bonus: 27 Practical Hacks to Produce Videos Quicker
  • Bonus: Ultimate Guide to Editing Your Videos Faster
  • Bonus Value: $338
  • Total Value of Package: $2,323


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